They asked if I had experience using PVC forming wire?

I was looking for a job and I saw a position for a rod buster.

I had never heard of a rod buster, so I went on to look at the background requirements.

I read no further than that I needed a high school diploma and had to be good in math. I thought this was perfect for me. When they asked if I had experience using PVC forming wire? I was flummoxed. I didn’t know what PVC forming wire was, or how it was used. I soon learned that iron rods reinforce, or stabilize, concrete structures. The rod buster shapes the iron rods and PVC forming wire for placement in the cement. Being a rod buster requires strength and dexterity and knowledge of the many power tools used to complete the projects. I still didn’t know what PVC coated rebar was or what PVC forming wire was but I was pretty sure I was not qualified for this job. I asked if I could be an apprentice rod buster, and although the answer was yes, he said he needed an experienced rod buster for this job. He said that if I didn’t understand the construction process and how rebar rods reinforce concrete foundation or framing, I wasn’t able to do the job. I needed to know how to order the correct number of PVC coated rebar rods and PVC forming wire. I needed to know how to cut the rebar into pieces, wrap them into the PVC forming wire, and fasten them to concrete forms. I guessed I was back to the want ads.
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