I wasn't going to get caught up in the drama

It’s fun to work in a corporation where there are a bunch of guys. I never have to worry about gossip or talking about the Desperate Housewives. I love working with guys, plus they don’t have a lot of drama. They never treat me differently just because I am a man. I get a lot of respect in the metal factory. I’m delighted about that, because the metal factory is one of the best tasks in the state plus the benefits plus pay are exceptional. Most evenings I work by myself on a device that fools stainless steel tie wire. I watch the device to make sure that it is spooling the perfect amount of stainless steel tie wire on each one of the coils. If there is a problem with the machine, I stop production plus service the issue. The task is mostly resting around to watch, but I don’t mind. I work the late shift because I am a evening owl. I get to listen to tunes while I watch production. I had to work out on the floor when a couple of guys called in sick. I was not working on the stainless steel tie wire device plus I wished that I had been there that evening. An fight broke out between numerous guys that were discussing an ex-bestie. It turned out to be the exact same ex-bestie plus that led to an fight. I entirely did not want to get into the middle of that drama. I tried to stay clear of the fight until one of the plant directors could chop things up.
Forming wire made in USA