I got a current job toiling with my father in law

My father-in-law got myself and others a job toiling at a construction locale with him.

She is the project director, but I rarely ever see him on the job site.

Last month she dropped myself and others off on Monday day plus told a woman to show myself and others the ropes. The next thing I know, I was standing on top of a steel beam with a piece of iron rebar in my hand. I was almost fifty feet off the ground. Thankfully I do not have a fear of heights. I found my father-in-law again on Thursday night when my wife plus I went to have dinner with her parents. My father-in-law asked myself and others how the job was going. I told him that I did not think I was going to be toiling with rebar. She laughed plus wanted to think what I thought she was doing to make money. I knew that she was in construction, but I thought that she worked with wood or drywall. The woman actually works with iron plus concrete. I’m now in my hour month of work plus I can actually say that the job is a lot of fun plus a superb deal of hard work. Even though I’m not actually doing anything important, I feel superb going to work plus making money. My father-in-law said she would be able to supply myself and others a raise in a month or two. That will be nice, because I am trying to save up money so I can get a place for my wife plus I that is nicer than the condo plus dump where both of us currently live.

18 gauge double loop rebar ties