Selling an incomplete construction home in Portland

At the time my wife plus I were gung ho on making an addition to our property. My friend and I started the addition with another bathroom plus planned on doing a dining room plus a lower residing room/household type area. My friend and I had talked to a Heating and A/C supplier about expanding the system plus an electrician about upgrading the electric panel, but, by the time it was the morning to make some calls plus get the project moving, my wife and I split. I ended up getting the cabin plus I wasn’t too happy about it. I needed to sell an incomplete construction property. I didn’t want to live in that cabin anymore. I also didn’t want to pay to finish the Heating and A/C plus electricity! Upgrading a panel is costly. Adding more Heating and A/C plus air duct would have been a nightmare as well. Any real estate I talked to wasn’t keen on trying to sell it incomplete. I needed to finish the project. Why should I have to do it? My wife and I were going to go halfway on it. It would have been terrible to do it on my own. So I decided that I was just going to sell my Portland real estate fast for cash. With a cash offer, I didn’t need to do any more work on the house. I could leave the electric plus Heating and A/C as is. At the end of the morning, I don’t know what would have been the better decision. Adding more Heating and A/C plus eclectic would have cost a lot, however maybe I could have gotten more for the house? With the Portland cash customer it was actually nice just signing papers plus being done sincerely.
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