Selling a divorce home for cash due to its condition

My ex-wife and I had a volatile relationship.

We were that couple that always fought, even in public.

We screamed, threw things, and we went on and off again. Once it was time to officially divorce, things got really bad. My wife charged up the credit cards so that we would have to split half the debt. She also totaled the house we were living in. The house was technically mine and the biggest asset in our marriage. She dumped liquid cement down the drains. Can you imagine the amount of money I would have to spend on repairs? I also had to pay a lawyer and go through an expensive divorce. When I was awarded the house, it wasn’t a boon but a curse. I started looking around at how to sell my Portland divorce home fast for cash. I wanted it gone and to get something for it. Nobody wanted it due to the extensive damage. That is how I got into cash home buyers in Portland, OR. A Portland cash home buyer was really a better way to go. When you sell a divorce home fast for cash, you don’t need to make repairs. There is no cleaning, staging, or real estate agent fees. In fact, you cut them out all together. You decide on a price, take what you want from the house, and then leave. It was really nice not to worry about the plumbing and trying to afford those repairs. I am still furious that my wife ruined our home. I took a price cut but it was understandable.

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