Selling my home with a half finished addition

My husband and I loved our house in Jacksonville, Florida.

Once we started having kids we realized the house needed to be bigger.

Rather than pay someone to add an addition, we tried it ourselves. We decided to build upwards and see how it goes. Well we aren’t contractors in anway and it showed. The addition wasn’t pretty. It also was about halfway done when we realized the house wasn’t as good with it. The roof also took some major damage. So the two of us made the choice of buying a newer house that already could host our family of four. Finding a new house wasn’t a problem. Selling the old house with a half finished, not a very good addition. Nobody wanted to buy a house that the addition wasn’t done. People either wanted us to remove the work and patch what we did, or finish the job. I get it, but we already sunk too much money into the job and didn’t want to do it anymore. I also was sick of working on that house. I wasn’t going to hire out anyone either. I didn’t want to spend the money when we were buying a new home. So I looked online for cash for homes. I found a Jax local cash buyer that didn’t care about our shoddy addition. He was willing to take the home as is and deal with it. I have since checked on his progress and I noticed he removed what we did and patched the roof. That was the smarter move I think.

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