You have to permit an addition on your home!

My hubby and I loved our home in Jacksonville, FL.

Once my pal and I started having kids my pal and I realized the home needed to be greater, then rather than spend my money on someone to add an addition, my pal and I tried it ourselves.

We decided to build upwards and see how it goes. Well my pal and I aren’t corporations in any situation and it showed. The addition wasn’t pretty. It also was about halfway done when my pal and I realized the home wasn’t as fantastic with it. The roof also caused some major harm. So the two of us made the option of buying a newer home that already could host our family of four. Finding a new home wasn’t a problem. Selling the outdated home with a half finished, not a really fantastic addition. Nobody wanted to buy a home that the addition wasn’t done. People either wanted us to remove the labor and patch what my pal and I did, or finish the job. I got it, but my pal and I already sunk too much money into the job and didn’t want to do it anymore. I also was sick of working on that house. I wasn’t going to hire out anyone either. I didn’t want to spend the money when my pal and I were buying a new home. So I looked online for cash for homes. I found a Jax local cash customer that didn’t cherish our shoddy addition. She was willing to take the home as is and deal with it. I have since checked on her progress and I noticed she detached what my pal and I did and patched the roof. That was the smarter move I think.

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