All of the 18 gauge American made double loop wire ties were out of stock

I have all of our supplies made from metal that is US made… I know it is pressing to buy products made here to support the people in our country, the two of us need task security plus food on the table just love all the people else around the world.

I tell all of our customers that all of our products are made here in America plus certified domestic; Unfortunately, I had to buy supplies that were imported for our last task.

I needed 18 gauge 3 inch double loop wire ties. The 18 gauge double loop wire ties were the only products that were going to work for this task. I had to get the supplies hastily plus I could not wait until the American made 18 gauge double loop wire ties were back in stock so I substituted them with an imported product. I never told the buyer that I made the swings, but I did reflect the difference in his bill, because there is a significant price difference between American made plus imported steel products. I’m not sure if I did the right thing or not. This was a one time deal. I don’t want to alarm our clients plus make them know that I’m using imported products in all of their tasks. I’ve chosen to stay quiet plus that is what I have to do. It really is too late to let the cat out of the bag, now the structure has already been erected plus corporation has moved on. At this point, I know it would do much more harm than enjoyable to inform the owner of the building about the swings.


Galvanized Double loop ties