I sold my mobile home for cash even with a bad roof

They had cats and dogs even though they swore they didn’t have any pets at all

I spoke with a realtor about selling my mobile home. I wanted to sell the mobile home so I could use the money from the purchase to buy another property. The mobile home was my first home. I bought the place when I was only 20 years old. I lived in the house for a long time. Then my girlfriend and I got a place together and I decided to rent out the mobile home to a couple of local people. The local people were in the house for 2 years and they completely destroyed the property. There were a lot of repairs that needed to be made and I did not have the money to fix all of the damages. I was also worried about getting into the same situation with another renter. Ultimately, I decided to sell the mobile home. I talked to a friend that mentioned selling the house for fast cash. My friend advised me that I would not have to fix the roof or replace the carpeting. The roof was in pretty bad shape and it was leaking. The carpet had been completely destroyed by the previous tenants. They had cats and dogs even though they swore they didn’t have any pets at all. The animals destroyed the carpet and I was looking at several thousands of dollars of repairs. Luckily, the person that offered to buy my house for cash was not interested in any of the repairs that needed to be made. The guy was more interested in getting a good deal on the house.

Sell my house with bad foundation