The guy called because he wanted to buy my house for cash

My wife and I got a strange phone call from someone a few days ago.

The man on the phone said he wanted to buy our house for cash.

My wife and I do not even have our home on the market. It was very surprising to get a phone call from a realtor or business person wanting to buy our home when it was not listed for sale. I contacted the person who left a message. It was my plan to tell the guy that we were not interested in selling our home. When I heard his cash offer, I was very intrigued. I told my wife that we should contemplate the offer. Selling the house fast for cash could get us out of debt and into a brand new situation. It was absolutely easy to sell the house too, because the person on the phone gave us a same-day cash offer. The same day cash offer included the home and the property in the current condition. I didn’t have to make any repairs at all. My wife and I contemplated the cash offer for the house for multiple weeks. We were not thinking about moving, but the offer made us think twice about where we wanted to go in the future. After we realized that we could sell our house fast for cash, we knew that we could make a change in our life anytime that we wanted. Maybe in the future we will take up someone on their offer, but right now we are happy right where we are.

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