Selling my parents house fast and putting in no work

I bought a house for my parents when they got older.

The house was just off my property and little. It was perfect for them though. However, my parents were older and not able to keep up with the demands of owning a house. I didn’t realize that until they passed away. When they both passed, the loss of them was horrible. What made it two times as awful was dealing with all their belongings. I had a house filled to the brim with stuff that my parents cheriested. It was also quite dirty and with some damage. There was water damage on the ceiling, mold in the corners, cracks in the drywall and leaky plumbing fixtures. I didn’t want to make the repairs, clean out the house and list it on the market. I had a funeral to deal with. I had other important things to worry about. Thankfully I found that cash offer buyers don’t require you to do anything like that. I was able to sell my ugly house fast for cash. The buyer was willing to take it in “as is” condition which means no extra work for me. I took out all the items from my parents that I wanted. I then left furniture, broken windows, damage and a huge mess. Maybe if I would have put in the work I could have gotten more money. Honestly it wasn’t about the money to me. I just wanted to sell my house fast and not deal with it anymore. This type of deal is the best for people in my situation.


Sell inherited house