I have to sell my house fast because of a divorce

I didn’t repair a window, paint a room or clean up the place

My ex and I have finally split. Our situation has been a messy one. She charged up all the credit cards before leaving me. I then was on the hook for half the debt. She also trashed the house right before walking out the door. She broke every single window in the house, wrote all over the walls and left a whole bunch of stuff. I immediately started panicking about the house. How was I going to sell my house with broken windows? Was I going to need to clean the house and paint over the nasty writing on the wall? I also didn’t really want to deal with my ex over the house sale. I wanted it gone. I figured if I listed the house on the market, no price would be good enough. I then had an epiphany. I Realized that I could just find a cash buyer to take the house off my hands. I worked it out through the lawyers. My ex and I agreed that after a month of shopping around, the highest cash offer we would take and split. I wasn’t pleased about splitting the money but anything was worth getting rid of her. Dealing with a cash home buyer was so much better. I didn’t need to do anything to the house. I didn’t repair a window, paint a room or clean up the place. I also wasn’t on the hook for real estate fees, commissions or listing fees. I got to pick the closing date which was the soonest possible. I was able to get rid of the house the moment I wanted to.

Sell my house without cleaning it