How America was built

When our new condo was being built, I watched the company drag in many coils of wire, then i watched as they use stainless steel bar wire to connect the rebar that would make my foundation more durable.

I watched them bring in wire coils for the electricity.

It surprised me to find that the stainless steel bar wire used to lash the rebar together was basically the same tie wire used in the electrical system, however it was PVC coated, but pVC coated tie wire is a tie wire made of plastic coated wire. PVC wire has the core wire of electric galvanized wire with a plastic coating on the outer layer… The inside wire as well as the PVC coating are combined‌ together, which offer a stronger protective layer as well as gives longer maintenance life. This creates a PVC coated tie wire with anti-aging, corrosion-resistent, anti-cracking characteristic. PVC coated tie wire has a longer maintenance life than typical galvanized tie wires. It comes a multitude of colors which help them ‌see which wire is sizzling as well as which is not. PVC coated tie wire is mostly used in an environment where great corrosion resistance in a necessity, such in homes or other buildings. It was self-explanatory to see why galvanized tie wires as well as other tie wires were pressing in the construction of a condo or other buildings. I stood there for the longest time, enjoying the company as well as his electrician run wires through the walls. It wasn’t until I commanded they change where they were going to put my fan lights ‌that he asked me to leave. I wanted them all esthetically placed, although he thought he knew better.

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