Getting cheap rebar tie wire and double loop ties from an out of business contractor

If I hear about a going-out-of-business sale, I am quick to react.

While I generally like to stick to my budgets every month, I also don’t like to refuse a quality sale or store promotion. That’s how I secured a $100 space heater last month for only $40. My wife asked me if I was crazy because it’s July, but she doesn’t realize how happy she’s going to be in a few months when it’s getting cold again outside. That new space heater sitting in its box downstairs is going to get daily use a lot faster than she realizes. You can make a lot of purchases towards normally-expensive products that end up costing a lot less if you pay attention to clearance racks and promotional sales. That’s how I saved so much money when I bought roofing supplies to replace my old roof on my main house up north. After replacing the roof on my vacation home down south, I put my remaining money saved from the stock market and decided to do some work up north. Once the roof was complete, I decided to build a new driveway, entryway, walkway, and front porch out of concrete. To make sure the concrete lasts in the abusive physical elements, I decided that I should utilize reinforced concrete. I managed to get cheap rebar tie wire and double loop ties from an out-of-business contractor who put up an advertisement on Craigslist about it. Once I secured the coils of rebar tie wire and package of double loop ties, I got started on my concrete project in the front of my house.


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