Optimizing my space

My dealer wareapartment is unfortunately a bit small when it comes to space… I knew when I obtained it that I should have gone bigger, however at the time funds were tight and I wanted to save where I could.

  • In hindsight, my storage facility should have been the utmost priority; Now I am suffering the consequences of not having enough space for my product! Thankfully there is a Jacksonville logistic dealer that works with a Jacksonville freight broker.

The owner of the logistics dealer gave me the PC number of the pallet racking owner and we opted to go to talk. They offer wareapartment relocation, moving, and storage. There are all weird styles of pallet racking like selective, push-back, pallet flow, etc. The owner is severely personable and knowledgeable about what he does. After we agreed on a price and a product, he got to toil optimizing the storage of my material. Then I was informed he works with the logistic dealer on optimizing storage and increasing efficiency in the facility. It isn’t enough just to store product goods, but to ship it out on a freight train is the next step. It could have been entirely stressful, time-consuming, and costly. Instead, everything went smoothly since both those companies toil seamlessly together, for the quality of service, the price was significantly lower than it should have been. I would have paid almost double to no longer have storage be a stressor in my day to day corporation life. These people entirely saved me a lot of time.

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