Needing to move quickly

A little over a year ago, I was offered a job opportunity overseas.

Relocating overseas was a bit stressful but extremely exciting.

I needed to move as quickly as possible. There were a lot of details to take care of before I could get on a plane. One of the biggest concerns was my house. At that point, I owned my own home and was in the process of remodeling. I’d completely torn out the kitchen. There were no finished walls, countertops or cupboards. The floor was plywood and I was making do without a sink. I didn’t have time to complete the renovation project. I didn’t even have the time to list the house through a real estate agent and deal with offers, negotiations and buyer financing. I knew that anyone trying to get a loan on my house would have difficulty without certain improvements to the home. There was no way I could find professional contractors to make repairs and updates. I was looking for a quick, stress-free sale. I had seen and heard the ads for cash home buyers but never paid them much attention. When I began looking into the possibility, I found a long list of companies. The majority appeared to act as middlemen. They make an offer on the house and immediately find someone else to buy it at a higher price. Fortunately, I came across a family-owned company with reassuring reviews. They’ve purchased more than two thousand homes across the local area. They focus more on purchasing homes, handling the upgrades and then reselling. Once I answered a few questions about the house, I had an offer within an hour. The closing was completed less than ten days later.


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